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Dog Collars

The Regal Collar range is designed to add everyday class to your dog's walks. We make dog collars for any breed from labrador to westie through staffies, german shepherds and collies. Our collars are ideal for sighthounds - greyhounds, deerhounds, wolfhounds, lurchers and whippets - and you can choose either a standard single loop or a martingale style collar.

Each collar is finished with the finest quality brass metalware and we have a range of collar colours and widths to add glamour and class to your dog's wardrobe. Our collars are lined with a colour co-ordinating satin trim unless you request otherwise.

The Regal hounds wear theirs everyday in rain, shine, snow, mud and deer poo and the Regal Collars continue to look great despite regular river swimming and paddles at the coast of Exmoor. The collars can be washed at 30 degrees or just a quick scrub under the tap will take off inevitable walkies debris! Please be aware that many of the collars have beautiful golden threads and these may fray under hard core scratching and chewing conditions!


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