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Our products and their care

Our collars and leads are machine washable at 30 degrees. For minor debris, a quick wash and gentle scrub under the tap will usually suffice. Leave the products to dry naturally. The velvet trims do take a bit longer to dry.

We suggest “Common Sense” in relation to the hardiness of the products, based on your dog’s activities. Some of the products have fine gold threads which, if scratched, chewed or subjected to hard core play with doggy pals, will fray. Loose threads can be trimmed with scissors. The Regal hounds wear their collars 24/7 and their lifestyle includes swimming and a degree of inter-pack ragging.

We make the collars on receipt of your order. Please do check that the collar size you order will fit over your dogs head. The size measurements relate to the widest part of the head. The collars then adjust with the brass slider for a perfect fit. We will be happy to discuss sizes with you if you would like further advice. If your dog needs a unique size we can make this for you, leave a special instruction.

The id tags are hand stamped to your specification. Whilst we will always try and spot any typos we cannot be responsible for mistakes made due to an incorrect order and will not accept returns for this reason. We want these tags to be individual so if you have a specific request don’t hesitate to let us know and we will oblige if we can. We love hearing from our customers, and their owners.

The decorative style tags, beads and charms are more delicate than the brass and chrome discs and will inevitably get damaged through hardcore rough and tumble. The id tags are manufactured to ensure that your contact details are as durable as possible even if a charm gets pulled off. Our tassels are created from a wide range of beads and each one is created to order. There will, therefore, be some variation in actual specific beads. If you see a bead you particularly wish to be included, please just let us know. Please note these are a decorative and delicate item and are therefore ideal for on-lead walkies.

We want your shopping experience with Regal Collars to be as straightforward or as individual / involved as you desire. Therefore if you would like to discuss any element of your order with us please don’t hesitate to call the Regal Kennels.

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